Siemens SP260D

Discussion of engine and propeller choices
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Siemens SP260D

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The dawn of electric propulsion is upon us. There will be a tipping point when the storage hits 500Wh/kg (presently around 300-350Wh/kg). All the major aircraft companies and even airlines are investing in research.

Ths SP260D is about 350hp, SP200D is about 250hp. I think that once I can stuff enough batteries into the fuse and wings, and the motors are reasonably price, and get 3.5-4 hours of flight, I might be up for a conversion.

Thoughts welcomed.
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Re: Siemens SP260D

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The motor tech seems to be there. Now we have to wait for the batteries to catch up. Just from a reliability perspective, I'm all ears. Electric propulsion looks promising and I think experimental category aircraft will lead the way.
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Re: Siemens SP260D

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What about the Zeroavia approach 5000Psi compressed hydrogen and a fuel cell to generate electricity?

Here is a presentation I found: ... on-v31.pdf
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