More Documents and News Letters

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More Documents and News Letters

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I have scanned the Wheeler and EDI news letters and some builder correspondence from Wheeler. Phil Thomas has uploaded them to A BIG thanks to Phil for getting these uploaded to the site.

Of interest to some of you may be the information on the "Load Master" version. This was a cargo pod that was installed under the fuselage and could help with CG issues. In the EDI Express Press directory, news letters 1993Vol1No3.pdf and 1993Vol1No4.pdf have information on the cargo pod.

I've attached a couple of pictures I took at Sun-N-Fun 1993 that show N540ED with the pod attached. Regrettably I did not take any pictures of the actual attach points. Perhaps someone on the forum knows or we can find out from the current owner of N540ED. I was thinking of building a cargo pod for my CT.
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