Fiberglass Cloth

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Fiberglass Cloth

Post by bmckinney »

We have decided to restart our Wheeler/Auriga/EAC project and can't remember the fiberglass cloth type used for layups, etc. The stuff I have is old from the 90's and I want to restart with new, clean material.

What are the cloth weights and/or numbers? (ex: 7715 unit, 7725 BID, 7781, etc.) I couldn't find it specified in the manuals. I am sure I could try to search through the old forum, but assumed someone here would know right away.

I have not done any real work to the kit since around 2004. It has been in my shop in storage.

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Re: Fiberglass Cloth

Post by LouisCarre »


I used 7781 cloth for mine, bi-directional and fine strands.


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Re: Fiberglass Cloth

Post by jchisolm »

7781 9oz available from lots of places. I have found that Aircraft Spruce usually has the best price/yd. I order the 50" wide stuff. A little easier to handle cutting. Fisker rotary cutter works well as does any quality set of scissors. I ordered peel-ply from Fiber Glast and am not happy with it. I find the 4 inch rolls from AS work better.

Best place I've found for resin is Sherfab ( It's 411-350. Higher performance than the 411-45 wheeler originally used. 411-45 is no longer available. Sherfab will promote for a given gel time if requested. You need to tell them based on one of the standard gel times in the data sheet, ie 30 minute gel time at 77F shop temp. You can also get resin from AS and others. Most supplies now have it in stock (out of stock for over a year).

I'm not sure about any of the uni cloth. I'd have to try and find it in my receipts. There are only a few places where uni is used.

I got all the other stuff from AS. They have micro balloons, milled fiber, etc.
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