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Email group

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I created an email group for Express Builders in order to augment the forum here and Wheeler Express Facebook group. This will allow folks to communicate how they like to communicate that will hopefully drive folks here to add to the content. I got my inspiration from Marc over at There is a super active mail group with archives and additional content at the website.

Contact me at for more information regarding the mailing list. If you fit into one of the following categories:

Flying a Wheeler Express/Express
Building a Wheeler Express/Express
Really, really, want to build a Wheeler Express/Express if you can convince the spouse
Buying an already-built Wheeler Express/Express
Also allowed with special restrictions:

Vendor of Wheeler Express/Express parts or services (advertising allowed with limitations)
Building or flying an Glassair I, II, III, other vinyl ester or composite aircraft
(needs special dispensation for membership :-) )
and would like to be on the mailing list, include the following information and please contact me at the email address listed above.
Please indicate into which of the categories you fit. Also, please include:

Your home address (so that nearby members may bother you incessantly by coming over to your house)
Your phone number (so that the rest of us who live further away may do the same)
Special skills (that you'd like to share with the rest of us)
Your build status (what chapter you're on, if you're already building a Wheeler Express/Express)
When you have done this, we will add you to the list and you will receive an e-mail address for the list as a whole, as well as instructions for using it.
Erik Petersen
Wheeler Express Series 90 Auriga
Sequim, Wa
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