Pitot Static

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Pitot Static

Post by jchisolm »

For those of you still building or thinking of upgrading:
I'm installing Garmin G3x Touch. I was looking for push-to-connect tubing and fittings for my pitot, static and AOA.
Stein Air was one place many RV builders mentioned. And of course McMaster-Carr.
I came across Automation Direct www.automationdirect.com (no affiliation of any kind). They were MUCH less expensive. My total for all the tubing and connectors I need (minus the AN fittings needed for the Garmin pitot/aoa) was $110.
Example: Stein Air was 1.39 per foot for the tubing. Automation direct was 19.00 for 100 ft (.19/ft)
Male tubing connector 1/4 tube to 1/8 pipe: Stein Air $4.25 ea, Automation Direct was $4.75 for a package of 5 (.95/ea).

Not cheap China stuff.
Joe Chisolm
Express CT builder
Marble Falls, Texas
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Re: Pitot Static

Post by xprsav8r »

This is great! I wish I knew about them when I was upgrading avionics.
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Re: Pitot Static

Post by Finley »

Thanks Joe!
I use Automation Direct A/C drives all the time. Most of them nowadays are used, but poor people have poor ways.....
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Re: Pitot Static

Post by LouisCarre »


Mine has the G3X suite on my express, that I installed. Took me 1 winter to install it. I'm using Standard Nylon fitting for Pitot, Static, and AOA, no issue.

I you need help, let me know


Express 2000RG
Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
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