Main gear camber

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Main gear camber

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My CT manual says the empty weight main gear camber should be zero degrees. If I lay the grove gear with the inboard flat section that sits between Rib R and Rib J on a flat table and measure the axle mounting flange, I have 10deg positive camber.

I cannot find anything with vertical dimensions for the Rib J bracket. If I install the Rib J bracket to where the flat gear section is -5% (pointed down towards the top skin) the Rib J bracket "looks" right by the pictures. -5 down would give me zero with the wing dihedral. So the flat section between Rib J and Rib R would be level with the fuselage.

That then puts the unloaded gear camber at +5 deg. Putting the Rib J flange more towards the top skin increases this number and there is not much room to go towards the lower skin (top of Rib J when in the wing jig). Do any of you have some information on how much the gear will bend with a somewhat normal plane static loading, just sitting on the ramp?

I got Ladislao Pazmany's landing gear book and modeled the gear in matlab (well gnu octave) and 3d cad but I'm not sure the numbers are correct.
My numbers are telling me the gear is going to bend between about .77" for 1900lb to 1.3" for 3200lb (sitting on the ramp). That "should" give me between +3 and +1 degree of camber.

Joe Chisolm
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