If you are still building - summer and vinyl ester resin

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If you are still building - summer and vinyl ester resin

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I've been getting 411-350 resin now from https://www.sherfab.com. With the warm weather around the corner I asked them about inhibitors. They dont carry any but the sales guy did a search and gave me some options - all very expensive. He asked what work time and temperature I needed. I told him I needed about an hour at around 75 deg shop temp. Maybe 30 min later he sent me instructions for ordering my resin promoted for about 1 hour at 77 deg. I just had to include that in the order comments.

I got the resin today. Did a test, shop was about 71 or so. I used 1% mekp. Work time was 71 minutes until it started to thicken up and gel.

The sherfab folks have been easy to work with, simple ordering. Orders usually ship in 2 days. Price wise I pay $90 + $30 shipping from So Cal to Austin TX area. They dont charge sales tax for out of state. So $120/gal with MEKP included. I priced Aircraft Spruce. One gal 411-350 + MEKP + shipping was $164.88.
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