Auriga Express 2000RG updates

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Auriga Express 2000RG updates

Post by BoostEng »

Dear Folks,

Since 2 years now, I purchased a Auriga 2000RG from Ontario, nicely builded and with 250 hours on Airframe, this airplane went 7 time to KOSH. We flew back the airplane to Eastern Quebec, and I decided to make some upgrades on it. I hope coming to KOSH when ready....

I'm starting that post to share what weve done on it.

Stay Tuned

Louis-Olivier Carre

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Re: Auriga Express 2000RG updates

Post by jchisolm »

Looking forward to reading your updates.
Joe Chisolm
Express CT builder
Marble Falls, Texas

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Re: Auriga Express 2000RG updates

Post by Bad_karma »

I’m looking forward to hearing about it, you have a beautiful airplane!

If you don’t mind sharing some pictures or feedback about your flaps, I’m interested in the Fowler style vs piano hinge conventional flaps. Especially what kind of takeoff and landing performance are you seeing with the increased wing area?

I’m also interested to hear what kinds of TAS and fuel flows you are seeing at altitude with the RG model.


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