vortex generators

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vortex generators

Post by skypuppy »

Has anyone actually installed the Stoll-Speed Vortex Generators? They sound remarkable and I bought the complete set from AS&S. Their videos show an Express and getting 15 knots lower stall speeds!!! While losing nothing on the top end. Too good to be true? Looks like it might also give the horizontal elevator more authority over a wider range of speeds (critical issue with a CT tail?)

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Re: vortex generators

Post by Gfarley08 »

We installed a complete set of these vortex generators on our Express CT and saw a 12 mph decrease in stall speed (from 67 mph to 55 mph) and overall improvement in low speed handling. Well worth the loss (we think) of 1 mph in cruise speed. An excellent investment in my opinion and they still look great and are holding firm after years of use.

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Re: vortex generators

Post by 282ex »

I did see that video and planning on a set (maybe I'll 3d print mine).
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Re: vortex generators

Post by xprsav8r »

@Gfarley08 or anyone else having installed VGs.

Can you please offer guidance on how far back from the leading edge you chose to install them? Stoll-Speed suggests 10%-12%of the chord line. I have the Micro VG kit which provides a ruler but it was designed for planes that they’ve STC’d. They’ve suggested using carpenters tape on the wing and experiment. I’m hoping someone with real experience can advise.

Also, are there any considerations for the tapered wing?

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