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My name is Kevin Alderman, I am an A&P and am currently building 2 Wheeler Express CTs in addition to the shops full time work of repairing, flying, inspecting aircraft. One will fly June 2014, the other probably a year later or so. The second plane is also going to be used to test some improvements in engine as well as systems automation. The plane that will fly this month was built with low electrical power consumption and longetivy in mind. All of her lighting is LED, the strobes are operated by microcontroller, and her landing/taxi lights are HID. The total lighting load with everything on is just over 6 amps.

During these builds I have made lots of parts and improvements. If you are building one of these or even another kit and need something or just want to ask a question, post it here or send me an email from my website and I will see what I can do for you.

Kevin Alderman

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