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Paint Color

Post by mskiby »

Getting ready to do a paint job on the Wheeler. I know white is the normal color, but what is the opinion of a light grey or cream? As long as it is a light tint is this acceptable? My experience is with Rutan planes and he used to say you can paint it any color you want as long as it is white. Looking for opinions.

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Re: Paint Color

Post by jchisolm »

I've seen some planes that are a light cream and some have a pearl (or what ever it's called) finish. I think the Tg for Derakane resin is 120C. May seem hot but parked in the sun in AZ or So Cal a dark plane is gonna get really hot.
I found this bookmarked in my wheeler folder. It's Glasair and a higher temp VE but still a few good points and numbers. ... ter-resin/

When I get ready I'm going to stay with white or maybe a really light tint.
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Re: Paint Color

Post by JamesButler »

When I chose the colors and paint scheme for my airplane I considered it from the point of view of the sun and then from the point of view of someone standing beside the airplane. If you saw my airplane on the ramp you would think it is mostly green. However, if you look at it from above it is mostly white. There is an amazing difference in the reflected vs absorbed heat between the green and white areas. However, with the green areas being nearly vertical as opposed to the horizontal areas being mostly white the airplane doesn't experience as much of the damaging overheating from the sun's rays.

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