Buying my 1st express.

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Buying my 1st express.

Post by joelthor »

I have been flying off and on for over 40 years and have over 2000 hrs TT as PIC. which isn't much for 40 years. I've owned 3 airplanes, a 1961 Cessna 172, a 1965 Mooney Mark21, and a 1946 Navion. The Navion was my favorite, and during my 10 year ownership of the plane I upgraded the engine 4 times. Started with an O 470P, ended up with an IO 550 R with Scimitar prop. I sold the Navion in 2008 when the economy went down. I now want to purchase another airplane and have put a deposit down ( bought) 1 1994 WE. I flew it with the man who is selling it to me. I had no other friends or aquaintances familiar with this airplane so I beleived him when he said we needed to approach at 125 mph indicated. needless to say after floating halfway down the runway til flare time, we had to hit the brakes pretty hard to make it off the runway at the last exit. The nose wheel shimmied violently when the brakes were applied, but even after the joyride I still want the airplane. I just think I need more accurate approach speed info and any other trade secrets that might help me get off the runway maybe even second exit (progress) from the end. It does have the high tail and I've read much about keeping the speed up and not "blanking" the tail. What I'm hoping is that someone on this forum is going to tell approaching at 80 or thereabouts is good. Thanks in advance all help is welcome! Joel the new guy.
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Re: Buying my 1st express.

Post by skypuppy »

I was told to go over the fence at 90-100 knots but I've not flown one so can't speak with any experience. Been looking to buy one for 6 years, though. Most were just out of my price range. A couple were not worth 50 cents. One had the seats built too high and I had to slump over just to sit in it. That one cost me a cross-continent trip to go look at. Very bad trip in every aspect. <sigh> But that's another story.
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Re: Buying my 1st express.

Post by xprsav8r »

I've got a Series 90 Express with an IO-360. I rarely carry full inboard and outboard tanks; full inboard alone gives me 50 G. Flying with another pilot, we typically cross the fence at 90 KTS for stability, slow to 75-80 KTS right before runway threshold and flare at 70-75 KTS. My plane becomes increasing sluggish under 80 KTS (I've gotten as slow as 70 KTS before the runway threshold and DO NOT recommend it). Flaring at 80 KTS will cause floating and easily burn 1500' of runway. The plane will stop under 1200' with light to moderate braking.

Pushing the nose down to lose 50' can easily add 5 KTS. So, pitch for speed and power for altitude. Also, pattern speed is critical for stability and speed on final. The plane is sleek and easily refuses to slow down; it can take 10 miles to slow from 130 KTS to 100 KTS.
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Re: Buying my 1st express.

Post by n49ex »

Folks, this discussion is in the land of wizards and goblins! Get some real information!

I built and own N49EX, a cruciform tail version with an I/O-390 210 horse engine and Hartzell three blade scimitar prop. The plane meets its advertised numbers and stalls clean about 63mph (yes, not kts!) and dirty at 57mph. I routinely approach at 80mph, and 90mph on an IFR approach or particularly bumpy/shear prone conditions. Yes, the tail can be blanked, with FULL rudder deflection below about 100mph and no flaps. It is also not immediate, but when it does occur, it is sudden. Nevertheless, it is not remotely likely under normal landing circumstances. But. so can a Cessna 150 with full flaps and full rudder at slow speeds, except it is seldom talked about.

I'm based at DuPage airport, KDPA, outside Chicago. The plane has 1250 hours. Feel free to come visit for a free demo ride and we can clear up some of this nonsense!

Reinhard Metz
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Re: Buying my 1st express.

Post by kevin »

I land my CT almost exactly like I do a Cirrus. 100 in downwind, 90 on base, 80 on final, cross the numbers at 75 and touchdown at 65 to 70. It’s easy. I’m in the Nashville area and give transition training almost everywhere.

Kevin Alderman
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