POH Vne 204kts why are some 230kts

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POH Vne 204kts why are some 230kts

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I have noticed the the POH states that the Vne is 204kts while I see conflicting information (not in POH form) that the Vne is 230kts. Witch is correct? I am going to have an airspeed indicator silk screened and am unsure of the correct Vne. I have a S-90 kit I am putting together. I work for an areospace company and they have drilled safety into me. I know that with an increased airspeed it decreases the safety margin for flutter. Have there been any instances of flutter on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers? Thanx Jeff

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Re: POH Vne 204kts why are some 230kts

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I have descended out of 12k feet at 200 knots with no flutter in my CT. I have turned final at 159 and made the numbers at 75 too with no flutter, no adverse handling issues at all.


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